What We are

What we are

Pãras Integrated Health  is an innovative Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine practice. We provide a unique blend of conventional medicine, proven lifestyle techniques along with personalized ancient holistic care, natural and alternate therapies, together known as INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.  Integrative Medicine does not reject conventional medicine but it compliments it in various ways.  Read More

Meet The Doctor

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Dr Shantha Iyer is the founder of Pãras Integrated Health. She is a board certified physician who has been practicing medicine for over 23 years. She is specialized in Preventive Medicine and Integrative Medicine.  Read more...

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Our vision is to achieve whole health and wellness in individuals and communities that we serve. Our mission is to provide personalized holistic care with a focus on "mind, body and spirit" with an ultimate goal towards healing and a sense of " feeling good". We provide cutting edge therapies that work towards wellness. Read more..



We offer wide range of services that are tailored to your needs.  In addition we have specialized comprehensive programs with your wellness in mind.  

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Conditions Treated

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We provide Integrative Medicine Consultations for General Well Being and  for wide range of chronic medical conditions.  If you do not see a condition listed please call us to verify.  Read More..

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